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Batchelor LA Single Gay Men Xcamillef94: I am laughing, this is so funny, coz this is so true hahaha

Velma Velvet: Marina is doing a great job for so many single person of our world! she should have her own dating agency.

Ksenya Рњoru: Hell yeah Greek squad in here

Whitey Blacky: AHAHAH i found this video, (I'm from france That make me laugh to watch it, The part with the food it's exactly what i though !

Gabriel Dary: Im a german Woman and im scared of other german women

KingStix: Why you put caribbean latin music on a dating a mexican girl? mexico is not that much into salsa or the stereotypical latin rythims but maybe rancheras or mariachis, or corridos (what they were dancing at the end of the video). just saying. soundtrack be more like dating a colombian or puerto rican or cuban girl.

Maddie N: French from quebec is like english from america and because it's in america but french in france is like the english in London ,england

Dayzman WT: In Turkey and all of the middle eastern countries guys always pay for all the dates and mostly everything else.

Iridium: Some of these are so strange like Scotland . If i'm in Scotland, i'm afraid I'll understand nothing

Mieomieo92: An Irish woman buying a man a drink! Yeah right.never happens, EVER.

How does it work? - Salem dating

Start your own story now! I or you have a lot of baggage. Be natural, honest and spontaneous. Here are some of the reasons I have received for not being asked on a second date: Create an album that reflects your personality. In Manchester, Edinburgh, London, Portsmouth

Whatever ilk of province you total up, it's practicable to assent to prankster payments on the go.

Tormanoid: The last girl sounds brazilian, isn't she?

Amila B: RIP french language

Lais Silva: I would like to learn french :(

Gatsa Dine: Bunch of frenchies getting offended over this small thing.

Katnip2u: Indonesian girls pls? lol

Sufkopp82: They do not know shit, no surprise Trump was elected

ThatDutchguy: Does anyone know Eric the German guy's ig?

Itsjustmae: You can spot him squatting in random places

Tsuki Chan: Seeing how other Germans in the comments seem to agree I must have been living under a rock my whole life! I and many other women I know are absolutey nothing like this lady haha. This is probably the result of growing up in this generation where we have access to the internet and hence chances to grow up learning about other cultures. I have a lot of American and Canadian friends, maybe that's why :)

Amalia Boura: Are there a lot of Brazilians in Canada? I'm a Brazilian in Europe and thinking of moving :)))))

Yana Zettel: Great right up to the end keep on breaking down barriers? wtf?

Charlie Bone: Russia and Nigeria are the hottest

ACE_GAMES: Coincido en la argentina hay mucho chamullero hay que tener cuidado

Axios .king: The karaoke part is not accurate. majority of the Filipino can sing without their native accent

Voyage cruises suggestions: how do I prosper a given of the lion's share loose a sail cutter getaway.

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  2. What the fuck?You one crazy, ugly wacked up crack addict! TAA Owned you and you know it!

  3. Dude it apllies to men to, many of my friends have the problem that they feel NEED to go to the gym. Because of media.

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