Married Handsome Strong Men - “I get wet whever I see a handsome and strong man” – Lady confesses

Michael , 29, part-time IT manager, married for two-and-a-half years, with a month-old son. Justin , 45, lawyer, married for 12 years to his second wife, though they...

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Erica Silva: Absolutely correct about indian women.

Moto Gee: The polish one was really bad

Redo Putra: That Latin guy was soooooo fine.

Atlas Catawba: American pussies are like 7 eleven, open 24/7 to any customers

Zeeshan Ali: When did canelo alvarez became a gringo

Hshhd Hdhhshs: For all the people here drooling over the Costa Rican guy, come to Los Angeles, California. There are like, thousands of him here.

DreamChasing: Can you go with me-take a coffee . i mean, really. if you know that your country is visited by people of opposite gender and you are planing on trying something, then make some effort and work on that foreign language)

Passive_ghost: To me spanish sound to loud and braggy, French for the win !

Jacey Roach: The French guy talks so

Jackie Mccoy: French women are the most wonderful! When you think you have unintentionally offended them because of lack of knowledge of their ways, don't worry too much because you'd eventually find out that she didn't take it seriously(even though the reaction seemed serious). They are the most open-minded and warm at heart. The most friendly women in Europe : If you want people who are warm-hearted and lasting, they're French women! : : :)


Asatru55: Yay she likes Irish! I completely agree as a fluent speaker of Gaeilge!

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It is so shocking how some married women comfortably cheat on their husband.
  • Recently I got a message on Quora where a woman...
  • Monday, June 24,
  • Here Is Why Some Attractive, Successful Men Marry 'Average' Women |...

Getting naked, was I right to defend him?

Edson Araujo: Norwegian people pls. Great video btw

Clara K: Fuck all of them ! German males look like ladies ! Women's should going first to some men looking ! Fuck germans !

Lemiquee V: I think American women are open and friendlier than some Canadian women. More willing to show me around more, French Canadian women are equal to them. Anglo Canadian women are a unpredictable personality to match. That's my two cents worth there.

Joalin Patel: Geeeente, que sotaque forte! hahaha

Eazy Jay: For some reason, to me, they all felt like they were desperate to settle down. Except maybe the French woman.

Nwt 2004: This is so accurate ,it's funny.

Kiara Marques: This is so true! I've been living in the States for a while and dating here drives me nuts! At first I thought there was something wrong with me but then I figured out that my dating style, culturally, is completely different to how Americans date. To each their own, but I miss European mentality, I'm moving back to Europe next year and looking forward to getting my dating life back! lol

Paru Ap: U.S People: Fat, Lazy as hell, stupid, rude, racist, xenophobic, ignorant. They're always right and couldn't care less about anyone else's opinion, they don't speak other languages, they don't know ANYTHING about other countries. And they don't give a shit about it.

Andrei Cotos: Stop saying douche bag. It's immature and pretends to be manly and tough. It insults women. It doesn't proof jack about you except what an overgrown boy you are.

IslandBoy__: She seems like a the definition of train wreck.


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When I book the trip she always says, 'Why don't you ask me first? When you are done, you will receive a reply within 12 hours. I envy others' harmony, I envy them having more kids, I envy what looks like peaceful coexistence.

Money will be above that. Since we've become parents, she's gone part-time.

I'd say these were driven by the wish for excitement, as well as feeling bored at home. I couldn't do the chasing. Different openers "hi" etc. Sunday, November 25, After all, we are talking about one of the most beautiful countries in the world. My husband travels a lot to do businesses, so I am always all by myself.

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