The Wrestler Movie Clips - Darren Aronofsky On 'The Wrestler'

Go see this movie. Anyway, I recently was able to participate in roundtable interviews with the cast and the one below...

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The Wrestler Movie Clips

Director Darren Aronofsky is known for his intense, psychological films — including 's Pi and 's Requiem for a Dream. Isolated from his family and living in poverty, The Ram is forced to wrestle in small matches held at rec centers and veteran's halls.

Director Darren Aronofsky says he almost made a documentary instead of The Wrestler, and that affected his approach to the film. Mickey Rourke hired a former Israeli commando and cage fighter to be his trainer for the film.

Aronofsky says that every day, Rourke lifted weights twice and consumed about 7, calories. How do you make a realistic film about a notoriously "fake" sport? That was the question Darren Aronofsky faced when he agreed to direct The Wrestler, a movie starring Mickey Rourke as a gnarled professional wrestler whose glory days are gone. There's nothing fake about the action scenes in The Wrestler, though.

Aronofsky says all the wrestling scenes were shot with real wrestlers in front of live wrestling audiences.

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