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Cute little smile from this slightly furry guy as he shows off his hard cut tool. His shaft was skinned,...

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to my male armpit site! At all times since I was litter, catching a glimpse of a guys pit hair's breadth got me so excited! Especially if it was a only one hairs sticking out of their shirt! That is a humongous turnon! The smell of a mans armpits, strangely during fucking, is guaranteed to give the impression of run off me cum! Feel open to hurry off me your pit pictures.

I tax not to post "porn" actor blowups on here because I'm more turned on close candid hole shots of regular guys. Enjoy the site and feel unoccupied to beg me questions or foretell me what you realize of my photos. Posted November 16, at 6: Posted November 9, at Posted November 8, at Posted November 3, at 4: Posted October 31, at Posted October 26, at 4:

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Hairy Cock Men Tumblr
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Looks like this guy has only recently had head of his cock completely exposed. Usually only the result of a circumcision clamp being used when he got cut. Ever since I was young, catching a glimpse of a guys pit hair got me so excited!

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Nice and hairy, bright ginger fur and tightly circumcised cock. Permalink My face needs to be in there!!!!! Posts Likes Following Archive. I try not to post "porn" actor photos on here because I'm more turned on by candid pit shots of regular guys.

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  1. It's ironic because I've always been picked on for being too skinny and called anorexic >.>

  2. I feel like I'm worlds oldest virgin or something I'm like fucking 17 years old fml

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