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If you smile at a man in a store?


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Aroldo Vieira: Italian. No doubt.

Nick Bear: Ma vaffanculo meaning go f**k youself


HispanicTrash: Hey idiot not all irsh have really curly hair

Czzted99: This video shows why im not want to marriage a western girls. Western culture is fucked up when it comes to true love.

TheStgmp44: Reggaeton is shit.

Larisa Suciu: That flag of brazil lol,sorry to bring the news but he do not have a flag like that

Chimp Pimp: He looke like my cousin

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Men-Haters of Tumblr - Gay Dating Affair

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Homo Men Tumblr

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Natalie Marie: The food sensitivity I think applies to most Europeans. I mean we get weirded out when we see orange cheese that is vegan. And boxed wine.

Tris Beau: Italian men are so adorable they are manly and have so much character in their faces actually Italian women are beautiful, also all old souls !

Francis Roch: This girl looks like depressed pepe

Desi Pfander: Dating an argentine man!

Unhappyview54: Insurance companies think your credit score reflects the risks involved in insuring you.

Jhcfight: That Colombian guy wasn't that good on his Spanish. Cmon! Colombia Rocks! lets say. Spanish speakers Rock!

MRW Talk: It shows how difficult Japanese guy get a date with a western women. So, I should just stay in Japan and find a girl who really loves Japan.If for improving manliness, I need Italian or Mexican teacher?XD

Oben Sustam: Expensive clothing Rich person, good. or Rich person, like materials to much.

Marcos Rocha: How about how to date a polish woman?

Rickzoom: Yes, I am tall and I do have beautiful eyes, thank you.

Jonybang: That evelyn chick is irritating. Super high maintenance as if she has alot to offer. lol

Sigurd2498: FaKe and superficial

Beatslaughter: Yes, hispanics in average are among the most unfaithful people in the world and we even take pride of that. We even make this habit a culture, just listening to hispanic music you find out that all they talk is about sex, adultery, lovers and so on. Most of us have low self restrain. in the other hand, Asians in average have the highest self restraint, low divorce rate and better commitment to their spouse.

SingingMyBlue: Dammit they pickt swedish instead of Norwegian

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  • Scout: I'm no Homo!
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  2. to determine if a student, staff member, or employee’s attire, hair, and/or grooming is acceptable

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