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I went to the RailEurope website to look at schedules and fares. The terms state that the fare provides travelers with a compartment that contains a 3-bed sleeping compartment in...

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Various recent experimental studies have provided strong evidence for the capacity of birds to manipulate the sex ratio of their successor prior to laying. When females were mated to males whose attractiveness had been experimentally reduced by removing prominent eyespot feathers from their trains, they produced significantly more female offspring, had significantly higher yolk corticosterone concentrations and tended to have reduce levels of yolk testosterone than when mated to the despite the fact males with their full completion of feathers.

These findings continue to the small number of studies providing experimental evidence that female birds can control the primary sex ratio of their offspring in response to patriclinic attractiveness, and highlight the plausibility that corticosterone and perhaps testosterone are involved in the coitus manipulation process in birds.

When males and females have an equivalent reproductive value, parents should invest equally in sons and daughters Fisher However, in certain circumstances one sex may be more profitable than the other, and by adjusting their sex allocation parents could improve their fitness Frank In the course of example, when the relative vigour returns from sons and daughters vary with some ecological or morphological variable, sex allocation theory would predict that females scatter resources between them in comeback to that variable Charnov ; Frank The peacock's practise is a classic example of a male characteristic thought to have evolved by female best.

Previous work has shown the number of eyespots in the train to be an relevant predictor of male mating profit Petrie et al. Moreover, the degree of train elaboration, which is a heritable trait M. Petrie, unpublished data , is positively correlated with offspring survival, with a stronger effect in sons than in daughters Petrie

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  1. Well, you need to think of two different types of genders I suppose. This topic is muddy without seperating physical from psychological off the bat.

  2. pro tip: use alcohol to boost up your confidence on starting a conversation with a stranger (just dont get wasted )

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