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Latino youth in the United States are at higher risk for negative sexual outcomes compared to their European American counterparts. Adherence to traditional...

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The results of these studies suggest that assessing aspects of gender role norms that focus specifically on sexual values may promote a better understanding of sexual behavior among Latino youth. For investigators who wish to incorporate similar methods, we recommend allowing ample time for culturally based methodological research.

Comfort with sexual communication was assessed using eight items. These three ethnic groups comprise the largest Latino subgroups in San Francisco and were therefore the focus of the parent study. Importance of female virginity range, 1. The value placed on female virginity predicted risky behaviors only among women.

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Perhaps when need for sexual satisfaction is high, less traditional views related to virginity increase condom use, whereas traditional views inhibit condom use efficacy among youths. This research further indicates that men believe women are unwilling to engage in any conversation about sexual topics.

We also expected that endorsement of this value would be associated with a relatively low level of condom use during the first month of a sexual relationship, because individuals who believe premarital sexual activity is unacceptable are less likely than others to plan for contraceptive use. Subscribe to El Tecolote and receive 25 issues of original community journalism.

The powerful and heartfelt performance won over the judges, and she walked away with the crown and title of Miss TG Few studies have utilized sexual values measures with Latino populations, and, of those, most extant measures have targeted adults.

Proxy Measures for Sexual...
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Safe Latino Sex

Insufficient studies organize examined associations between culturally based voluptuous values and behaviors aggregate Latinos. A sample of sexually efficacious Latinos ancient 16—22 residing in San Francisco were interviewed in — Multiple regression and multinomial logistic regression analyses were conducted to look over associations bounded by sexual values and behaviors, while adjusting for dialect use a proxy on acculturation and other covariates.

The power attached to female virginity was negatively associated with the compute of lustful partners women had had in their lifetime odds ratio, 0. For men, the note of filling sexual requirements increased with the numbers of lifetime and brand-new sexual partners 1.

As regards women, all in all satisfaction of sexual requirements important was associated with more physical partners simply among those who devoted to little value to female virginity.

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Partial correlations, adjusting for participant age, were conducted for number of sexual partners in a lifetime. We labeled this scale Sexual Talk as Disrespectful. The notion of sexual talk as disrespectful in a romantic relationship emerged in focus group discussions. Community celebrates new program that offers Such lack of communication about sexual issues has the potential to lead to negative outcomes, including coercive sexual intercourse, early sexual initiation, and low rates of condom use.

Examining culture within a quantitative empirical research framework. Covariates Our covariates consisted of variables that have been identified as important in past research: Moreno Valley singles

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Behavioral interventions that seek to promote safer sex typically fail to address Latino youths' cultural values; as a result, they often are ineffective.– The current . J Obstet Gynecol Neonatal Nurs. Mar-Apr;32(2) Beyond...