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Edson Araujo: As a Russian I always pay, inless if she is upset about it. But I will always pay, from first to last date.

Conrad Garcia: No israel only palestine

Julie James: Chandler from China and 'Akash from the UK.

Boris Grgić: Man could have said RUSH B

Lucy Galstyan: She doesn't seems like Filipino, cause she havd Indian accent. But she looks like Filipino but there are lots of Filipino here lol.

Giacomo Boni: Make a video about Arab women

Greg Stewart: Also they can't walk on heels

Donaastor: French from France. It's original. But Quebec Canada is lovely.

Rae Grubor: Croatian sounds kinda like Italian! Guess geography matters!

Belle Bijoux: Hey, what about You know you're dating Finnish man/woman when. :)

Konis Player: You can use the jibberish you speak (changes in every person , to compare them with real languages and trace back your ancestry.

Jenna Fine: Yes, Swedes love to drink expensive Vodka, or cheap German shit in my experience

Dominating Hunk Jerks Submissives Dick Cespery: I think she isn't really German.

RASHIQ EMPIRE: Will her parents kill me?

J Carrington: Kill them all

Niyi Ayedun: Yes! i find a woman type to me who finally murder me

Mady Amber: Vikings Denmark NOT Sweden

Poliana Dimb: Blacks are only about 8 of the population in Brazil, not 50%.

MaRaX93: I grew up speaking french along side english, and i'm pretty good at understanding french from those still learning it. BUT THE FRENCH ON HERE, was just soooo so bad. I could barely understand anything she was talking about.


Marlon Elias: My favorite part of the video is the Century egg reactions of people :)

Maksim W: Damn i can't see the difference between the two accents

Music Empire: Akash is not from the uk. Not watching anymore of this fake news.

Trif Craft: Good sex is related with comunication, laughing and liking eachother (anykind of comunication), without this is bad sex, no plesure, is like going to the toilet. I believe scandinavians are not good in sex. Usually Latins are the best in sex (not all of course), did u notice how much they talk and flirt before ? This is my personal opinion.

GriecoS: She sounds Portuguese not Italian at all

Bine Teran: Bro most of the people on that city don't believe themselves to be Spanish

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