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IKONnerie: Do one for British men please

Sethnakht12: Dating Italian men?

Akipop_14: My Mexican friends said her enchiladas were spicy. I am African I live for spices. I grabbed that enchilada. Wasn't even that spicy. Don't tell an African your food are too spicy.

Kalliu Caxias: This is so offensive

Ezy Fairy: Not one video on dating African women

Gianluca: That colombian girl is not that pretty

Alexi Kossini: About german man, please :)

Janis Joplin: Music at the start?

Cristian Ruiz: These are pretty same as finnish ones xD

Ave Marie: Do, how to date a french woman

Colton W: No black girl

Karim Sido: Russian people are cool

Obito Uchiha: Every video except canada is pretty positive, almost seems like this was made in canada by bitter canadian.

Juliana Braga: The British guy didn't sound British at all.

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Video Conferencing On Prevail upon From Cave Employees 3.

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David Jr: But Soccer, passionate. Really true!

Filippa Pihl: Im from Latvia-Thats africa, right?

Risingsoul: Another great video and good presentation from Marina! i believe all girls are hard to get and they wait for the right guy! some girls do want to have fun and there is nothing wrong with that. but please never believe in stereotypes regarding women!

Sunset Draws: Russian ppl=poor cunt

Bernhard Sonn: Even an indian has a problem getting married if he is not doctor or engineer. Even indians face many of the problems shown here and that too marrying an india girl.

Amore Vietato: Please make dating a mexican woman

Rushali Ghosh: I've yet to meet an Australian girl who even knows what a socket wrench is.

Boiled Frog: Its not spanish its probably south american. dude wtf

Ivo Freire: Very good video, i love it

Drimsiii: AAAHAHAHAHAHA spot on!

Theking8356: Why do they need to be blindfolded when the sense needed is hearing? Am I the only one who questions that? xD

Wesley Groth: All these You know you're dating x women when videos. Just make one called You know you're dating a women when she's overly emotional, bitchy, and manipulative.

Natasha Smith: Israel got the best Soap operas in the world.


Do Men want women half their age?

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  1. 23. Being a woman is considered weak Like how the weak, fumbling, inept Ron Stoppable is pared with the strong and brave Kim Possible?

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