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Alex Friedman: Please, use the official spanish flag, or in the case of Catalonia, the official one for this region (without star).

Imirrawashere: Its so true!

Alexa Moore: I'd say Croatian

Harsha Mv: Jesus Lord! Are we really that creepy? Kkkkkkk

Brad Swain: Two people speaking one language, and you couldn't find a Bosnian person.

Lil Yaretzy: Polish one is so bad and it doesn't sound natural

British Tiger: Wow it's the only video with only negative aspects.maybe it's accurate and I haven't realized haha. Nice work though!

Bismuth: That smile at 14 though lol! I think the possessiveness is a South American thing, my mom's side of the family is a mix of Chilean, Bolivian, and Peruvian and they all are that way. and have that borderline creeper smile.

Jeff Wade: But am I the only one who doesn't like too buff guys? I mean most of them are way too muscular and think it makes them hot when to me it's quite the opposite.

AndrГ Rhein: I think we'd aught to accept the fate that there will never be a video on Japanese women

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Horny Straight Hunk Gets Fucked Anally For Money Talmon Soares: Brasilian language is sexier and fluid with a joking sense, and the potuguese one its more calm and romantic and not so bold

DrMrManGuy: I absolutely love this and find it rather hilarious having been with a German man that I can agree that it is true for men as well in some regards. Particularly the politics!

Nick Denstad: Spain please! Spanish girls

TrizerFlame: Looks like I'm from Russia is kinda trigger

TROLLINGV: Esa puta es venezlana

Galaxy Queen!: That nose tho.

Pitmirk: Sigh again everyone forgets about slovakian language

Extreme Geek: Why the fuck this is so real?

Kliche 4 Ever: KKKKKKKKKKKKK That's amazing

Bon Summers: Of course the Mexican liked the spicy food. Jaja a huevo!

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  2. Frankly, you can't wear make-up and a low cut shirt and pluck your brows and then NOT come off as a hypocrite talking about thisВ

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  4. or this was shown to every child before puberty, because puberty brings many pounds for both males and females!

  5. I have a bondage/BDSM fetish but I still thought this book was utter bullshit ._.

  6. I thought this video was like from months ago but wow . this was some real stuff . Really informative stuff.

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