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Iana Brum: I like the Scandinavian and Asian ones the most. I don't care for the American one

Andrew Simar: Venezuelan was the nicest but the colombian guy's voice won

Anthony Orama: I didn't know about that superstition! most of this things don't apply to everybody, but even if don't really notice, guys in here are actually gentlemen! and the party thing is true too, and everybody dances even if there's no space, just like in the video


Evrngis Wrng: Could you do the female version? dating a french woman?

Thais Macedo: Why did the swedish girl sing. I didn't like it

Massive Indoor Gay Gangbang Sucking

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Topaz763: I'm from Portugal! And I really like your channel I think it is really unique

Lobiapolo2012: British squad people ?

Victorix: The Costa Rican guy sounds mostly American I like the Irish accent best

Terraqus: Jesus how middle class is the English girl? No-one speaks like that

Ines Maria: Hola bb jajajajaajaja que clave el negro

Danitrek: I agree with most of that stuff.

How many girlfriends/boyfriends is the norm?

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