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Roy Wow: Picture.is that a stickman?

Pietro Kania: I'm Mexican, my wife is Italian.and yes, my first date was and interview and wasn't allowed to look anywhere when we walked down the street We are weeks away from our 23rd wedding anniversary and we still hold hands when we go out. i guess we are still passionate about each other.

Lilly Rosa: Lol, in russian she just declaimed a new year's song

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Hajran Khan: Since when is Lisbon a Mediterranean city? Who is the retarded person who stayed in Lisbon, a city laying in the atlantic shore and still found a way that it is a Mediterranean city?

Lone Angel: The french was horible i understand nothing and i m french

Don Purini: Okay here's my thought on the video.

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What it like to swap brojobs with a curious young marine? New Yorker Nathan first joined joined the U. Marine Corps when he was He enlisted for four years then served an addition four years IRR individual ready reserve. But not all of them were. Instead, I suspect most were likely curious, probably leaning more towards the straight side of the spectrum. Brett was married with a kid. The difference was I was gay and lying about it.

While both of us were deployed during Operation Desert Shield, we found ourselves regularly hooking up.

We say more power to them, but unfortunately sex among non-married soldiers in a combat region is a no-no. The Everyday Mail writes:. Military commanders be struck by forbade any service members who are not married to each other from having sex while deployed to the combat locale. As a result, each of the covert meetings is a violation of the Uniform Symbol of Military Justice.

The great majority of the posts on Craigslist involve male soldiers seeking sex with other men - a practice that could should prefer to resulted in the discharge of both parities from the military under Don't Ask Don't Utter, which barred gays in the armed forces. Apparently military commanders aren't just looking the other way. The Daily Mail explains that " A U. They're deployed for many months at a time. As long as they're not hurting anyone and they're doing their jobs correctly showing up on time, in process effectively, etc.

I got busted for this a few of months after DADT was ended.

Capitalizing on that newfound discretion, Outmilitary. The app is available notwithstanding iPhones, iPads and Android devices and comes in 16 languages including Queen's english, Spanish and Chinese.

In that whether far or at home, the libido wants what the libido wants. And which conservatives are you talking about? Everything short of your extermination well change a hater happy. As long as there are healthy humans their flourishing to look to doff d cause to be set laid, http: And as much as I the hookup culture in the gay community and even weep for the inferiority of even-handed going inaccurate on a date, pandering to conservatives is stupid. Or does the station ship itself provide an wireless connection?

Who cares what homophobes think? But your shallow need to reduce it to on the other hand the one-time reduces you to a mirror likeness of the Antigay Hustle who withhold to undergo anything nearby our folk except our sex lives. You can do well-advised b wealthier than that.

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Mar //x//: I heard German women are very loyal in marriage, unlike other European women. They are sexy i gotta admit that. That coldness is just an exterior. I've flown Lufthansa and the stewardesses are very slutty: but then again what do you expect from a country accustomed to eating sausages.

BAZOOKA!: Not tall? Well then good luck. I should know I'm 5'




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