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Because apparently I can't even write smut without a three-act structure. If you appreciate a long, slow burn and some character study in...

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Which, granted, is a stereotype I've been fighting against my entire life, but it's not exactly an invalid point, either Startled, Justin releases his grip and starts to draw his hand away, then makes a strangled noise in the back of his throat as she grabs his wrist, then presses his hand back down onto her breast, covering it with her own. Justin makes a face.

Then his smile begins to fade as his eyes trail their way up her legs, until they finally get to the image of Little Miss Naughty, smiling at him, situated directly over his sister's camel toe.

Alex strokes her finger across the skin at the base of his hand, just below his wrist.

He chews on the inside of his cheek and looks away across the room. Justin's eyes and mouth form three perfect O's, and his breathing is shallow and rapid. Justin was kind of a douche. Or, y'know, a nervous thrill that, maybe, she's finally pushed things just far enough. But even as her eyes threaten to mist over in a completely uncharacteristic display of girliness, he shrugs and looks down at himself.

It's not like this is the first time a boy has ever touched her like this—well, not exactly like this, but whatever—but it's never really done anything for her before.

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But in the end, we had to admit we liked it.

But she only hesitates a second before she shrugs and does as he asks, because he's Justin, and she assumes he knows what he's doing. Jacob Wright is in need of a real firm backside fuck. Suddenly, everything seems to happen all at once.

Hold that there a few minutes until the bleeding stops. She curls her legs away from him and scootches back up the table, then turns onto her side and pillows her head on her arm, beckoning to him with the other.

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Justin Seems Pretty Relaxed As He Dangles His Dick

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  1. Women are treated as sexual objects because women let it happen. Subconsciously or consciously, women see themselves as sex objects too.

  2. Thank you for speaking up about these issues! Your videos are inspirational. :)

  3. and just so you pepole know feminist means equality it's not power to the women IT MEANS equality ok stupid MEN :)

  4. she called trans transphobe XD 1 more reason added to the pile why i cannot take her seriously XD

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