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The six-hour clock is a traditional timekeeping system used in the Thai and formerly the Lao language and the Khmer language , alongside the official hour clock. Like other common systems, it counts twenty-four hours in a day, but divides the day into four quarters, counting six hours in each. The hours in each quarter with the exception of the sixth hour in each quarter are told with period-designating words or phrases, which are:. These terms are thought to have originated from the sounds of traditional timekeeping devices.

The gong was used to announce the hours in daytime, and the drum at night. Hence the terms mong , an onomatopoeia of the sound of the gong, and thum , that of the sound of the drum. Ti is a verb meaning to hit or strike , and is presumed to have originated from the act of striking the timekeeping device itself. The sixth hours of each quarter are told by a different set of terms.

In addition, hok 6 thum and ti hok may also be used to refer to the hours of midnight and dawn, following general usage for the other hours, although more rarely; and the fourth to sixth hours of the second daytime half may also be told as The system has been used in some form since the days of the Ayutthaya Kingdom , [ citation needed ] but was codified similarly to its present form only in by King Chulalongkorn in Royal Gazette However, a corrupted form of the six-hour clock is more frequently encountered, [1] where usually the first half of daytime including the sixth hour of the preceding quarter is counted as in the twelve-hour clock , i.

The six-hour clock system was abolished in Laos and Cambodia during the French protectorate , and the French hour clock system for example, 3h00 has been used. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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