Machofucker Presents Ruff Rider - Machofucker presents Ruff Rider

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Yujil Da: Believe in gender equality

Asoul _ Soula: I love Russia, Russian people and the Russian culture , therefore i am a russophile.

Kar Diem: Bitches and beta males.

Beautybyerika: You know nothing jon snow xD

Ali Sss: So Argentinian men are good hunters but not good care givers.

Arose F: Too stereotypical! It was a ton of fun to watch but WAYYY too stereotypical. THIS ISN'T BOLLYWOOD! :D

Sauron109: I don't care what yall say, but this is true af lol

SkilledBeauty: Holy crap, the Greek woman is absurdly hot.

Morgan Paris: Wait. hold up, Iraqi people are getting represented? Holy, that's a first.

Raven K: Further showing how fucked backwards Germany is. Too afraid to speak up against migrants and allowing their women to wreak havoc on thier masculinity

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Ruff Rider And Dan black Thug. Axel Rider And Jason Philips. Dan Rider - Wrestling slam. He fucks him so hard that it often seems as if the young dude is impaled on the big stick! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed.

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Charlie Wired: Here's my friend Sebastian, spent a few hours looking at all the photos in his life time. found a skydiving one from 3 years ago, a photo in Peru we travelled together years ago, and a photo of casual boys night out and this faggot has to take a group photo. All girls think he is fun, cultured, and adventurous.

Bruno Sparks: The mexican girl I dated didn't know how to cook. but she made up for it in other ways!

Sophia Makita: How many languages does Marina speak?

Emine Aissa: Do same about Turkish man!

Marcus Ratty: Pleaseeeee do the italian men

Amar Nath: Why doesn't she have bad teeth?

Vexus Dubok: Italian women is beautiful

Space Lettuce: Polish was represented really badly

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  1. Heared Laci Green on This American Life. Her bubbly personality seems to be coming back.

  2. I fact checked your ass that 2-8 you said wasn't even in what you quoted you literally lied.

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