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If you enjoy playing competitive golf and top class championship courses we are confident you will enjoy playing on the SAGT. The maximum permitted playing handicap is 24 for men...

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Mutual Foot Joy
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The playing format is knock-out Betterball matchplay. It has been fun to watch Henrik's career evolve into what it is today, but more importantly, Henrik is just a quality person. Tar Heel over 6 years ago. Matches all square after 18 holes will be decided on a 'sudden death' play off commencing at the first hole played and the appropriate shots will be given.

It is the responsibility of the winner of each match to inform the Tournament Office of the result. FootJoy is the 1 Shoe and Glove in Golf and is worn by more Tour professionals on the world's major tours than all other brands combined.

Competitors are responsible for knowing the Local Rules of the course at where the match is due to be played.


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