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Coco Hansen: That was hilarious! I've known quite a few East Indian men and I know the video is mostly true! lol

AnaSshi: I just thought this was normal stuff. Is this really not how dating works in the US?

BackToSchool: I'm not really into girls right now. WHAT?

Daria Podenok: That's what happen when you get to know people outside of your country. stereotyping is the name of the game. instead of waiting to be ask all the silly question, you could counter ask them about their culture. that's work all the time for me.

Erin Payne: In Brasil if you are a gringo you are king be careful or easy you recive a message you gonna be dad. Prepare your self to pay everything and buy tickets home for 2, doesn't matter if you are ugly and fat.

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Eric Persa: What about dating Ecuadorean women?

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Kirby Brown: Hmm. portuguese women seem like bitches.

Cream Caramel: Dating Beyond Borders:

Bruce Wayne69: This brazilian girl is still a wonder. im gonna go right now to sign up for a portugese course :D

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Hello None: Anybody know the song at 40

Iclarolineh: Most filipina don't date a foreigner.

Helenastarr: Good work Marina, good to see you with more screen-time. Looking forward to your upcoming works. Cheers!

W108dab1: Also as a woman, expect to pay for your own on dates. After all, you are equal.

Wolvenfire86: I knew the first one was spanish before he even opened his mouth, I could tell just by the looks ahaha (I am also spanish)

Liran C: Lovely personality for a girl actually

James88: Come to Slovenia :D

LaVeyanist: Russian women comments are brutaly delivered.

Elias Montoya: Wtf no that's not how you speak french lol

AlthГ©a Varis: You Know You are Dating a PORTUGUESE Woman When.

Dolofonos: Why have women from various different countries chosen that talk with an American accent? it is so off-putting. In effect then, these girls are all American citizens with American views. Boring.

SKYHAWK: Cool vid! Does anybody know the name of the song at the end? When they guys is working with the tools shirtless? It sounded like a good song.

Liability for any content contained in a post is the sole responsibility of the person s who submitted them. Johnny Rapid Tube Johnny Rapid is young--he just recently turned 21 years old--and thanks to his age, he is a relative newcomer to the pornography scene.

He first got into the porn industry on his 18th birthday, all because he lost his job in the summer of and needed a way to support himself, his girlfriend, and his children.

Even though he is new to the industry, he quickly became a popular porn star, with over 80, followers on his twitter account. He is currently an exclusive model for MEN and has appeared on three of their five sites: While he is interested in appearing on their last two sites, he has not yet.

Check out his official twitter account here or his facebook page. Sucks His Own Cock. Hot gay porn stars.

July 15, 94, Views. Stealing Johnny Part 1. Johnny Rapid , Romeo Alfonzo. July 6, 42, Views. March 12, 43, Views. St. Louis singles

Ethnic Dating - Is it about personality, attraction, or stereotypes?

Since , he has surfaced in over pornographic scenes , especially for Men. As a teenager, he was a fairly commonplace boy, a car freak, and a boxer [4]. He graduated from Rockdale District School in His studies were not really his forte, and coming from a unpretentious background, he quickly entered the workforce and lived odd jobs.

Everything changed when, at the duration of eighteen, he distraught his job in the middle of summer. Close to consulting several ads, he thought that playing in porn films could be a good way to make money quickly [4]. On his eighteenth birthday, he went to a gay pornographic studio to audition, after responding to an ad on Web.

The agents were impressed by his skills and physique, and engaged him immediately. The following Wednesday marked the beginning of his career. Asked to find a pseudonym Sui generis, he chose Johnny "because it's the kind of name that is without doubt remembered", he says and Rapid in a err to his boxing activities where he stood out of order for his responsiveness and speed: Hylan Anthony Taylor became Johnny Rapid.

Johnny Rapid Full

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