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Double Award Winner, is that all I want to hear from you is absolute silence. Shush, or I will beat you...

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RodneyBass74: Love these videos, thanks for posting.

Jeb Atman: Please do Scottish

Levi Germano: Awww Cmon Mexican one wasn't that sexy. She wasn't trying

Irish Panda: Well intelligence is in fact sexy

Mariah S. Lee: Pisaditas a todas en linia!

Tony Quigley: I wouldnt swipe to any of the girls. So opinions invalid.

EmulatorNoob: I'm from Ireland I have tattoos in Gaelic aka Irish they say shit happens and fuck the British army I tell American girls it means peace love and understanding in the green grass

Billy Driller: Greeks are WEIRDOS !

StonedNcreepy: I think that the most sexy is.

Complexology: Dating a lebanese/arab

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Black Guys Keeps Feeding His Mouth By Sucking
  • ways to tell him to shut up now - Joe Monster
  • The 9.

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  • “I'll keep hollerin' till you see fit to feed me some real damn...
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What's the longest you have gone without pooing?

Rob749s: I literally thought I forgot my french when she spoke like what did she say?

Lika Mika: Not only her 'acting is amazing.

Hanseul Yen: You know you're dating an Israeli girl when you go on for a kiss and her nose puts your eye out.

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Princeicio: Chris is fine as hell

HesseJamez: Why did Pokemon appear in the top all of a sudden?

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Azcueman: So, spanish doesn't exist?

Ali Blades: Extra tip never talk about nazis

E. S. Blofeld: Very accurate, but please do it with spanish man/woman !

Meyman9: Have you done dating an Irish man? I have only seen Irish women

FinnDaHumen: Loll Pay for their date and still get screamed at Haha

Barb Rogers: When you are the woman and she is the man of the house

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  1. basically treat your kids as an individual looking straight at them and not with the crystals of society ;)

  2. Delete all of your text messages with him or her. That way, you won't find yourself looking through all of them and missing them

  3. You then bring up how LGBT etc hardly ever have their stories told on screen]

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