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  • Polish off - Idioms by The Free Dictionary
  • 1) to finish something, such as a meal or a bottle of liquor 2) to clean...
  • Women more likely to polish off a bottle of wine - Telegraph
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  • To consume, dispose of, or finish all of something very quickly or easily. A noun...

Lustre off - Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: A noun or pronoun can be toughened between "polish" and "off. I'll come to the party a little later. I just difficulty to polish off this make an effort first.

Who polished the block off? Who polished off the cake? Finish or dispose of, especially quickly and easily. On example, We polished off the pie in no time Practice, or If everyone helps, we can polish off this business today. This usage, dating from the early s, came from boxing, where it originally meant "to defeat an opponent with all speed and easily. To make something clean or shiny: The pupil polished off the apple and handed it to the mentor. I polished the vase postponed with a cloth and coterie it on the table.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. I just used it on a Jaguar XKR with piano-black paint, and the results were outstanding. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Share your thoughts with other customers. The Grocer said that on top of the damage it is doubtless doing to the nation's livers, it is not likely to be helping Britain's obesity problem. See and discover other items:

To use simply apply a small amount of Nu Finish to a clean vehicle exterior with a damp cloth, let it dry to a haze and wipe off — no heavy rubbing or buffing is needed. Removing Stains and Marks from a Car's June 25, 2 found this helpful. Who polished off the cake? Eu bet I'll be tough. I'd clean up with Big Dunc. Glass of wine with dinner helps you live longer.

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A poll of 2, people has found that 16 per cent of women and 14 per cent of men admit to often having a whole bottle to themselves at home. The proportion of whole bottle drinkers is highest in the year age group at 20 per cent, followed by the year age group at 19 per cent. Those under the age of 24 and over the age of 55 were least likely to regularly have a bottle on their own at home, with 12 per cent doing so.

The study by trade magazine The Grocer found many people are regularly knocking back around 10 units of alcohol in one sitting, instead of the recommended daily maximum of two to three units for women, or three to four units for men. Calorie labels on alcohol mean drinkers consume less. Glass of wine with dinner helps you live longer. Couch potato lifestyles could kill the welfare state, landmark report warns. The survey of more than 2, consumers showed that while 31 per cent said they did not drink at home, 45 per cent said they often shared a bottle with others and 13 per cent said they often shared more than one bottle with others.

Across all ages, 15 per cent said they often had a bottle at home on their own, while four per cent said they often had more than one to themselves.

Those living in London were the most likely to admit to regularly drinking too much, with 20 per cent stating this — more than twice the level in the South West. The Grocer said that on top of the damage it is doubtless doing to the nation's livers, it is not likely to be helping Britain's obesity problem.

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