They Make Good Use Of The Hotel Room - How to get the perfect hotel room for you

As any hotel operator knows, you are only as good as your guests think you are. Guest satisfaction should be a top priority...

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Nationality most likely to steal from hotels revealed See also: Some hotel restaurants are truly special and add another unique element to a guest's experience. Every person who stays at your hotel is going to need to feel like they are enjoying a home away from home, and that means that they should be able to ask any guest at any time for help or assistance.

Connect with your guests on a personal level. What would you rather your beloved sees the next morning -- an extra three feet of floor space, or a majestic view of the city's icon?

Other articles from the Resource Centre. We've all seen the gut-wrenching black light revelations on TV and know that overworked housekeepers on a schedule are often tempted to cut corners or exact revenge on nasty guests.


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  • These tips from SiteMinder will help your hotel improve the guest experience. Not only...
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