Greater Quantity Than Ready 27 - Using Solver to determine the optimal product mix

This article discusses using Solver, a Microsoft Excel add-in program you can use for what-if analysis, to determine an optimal product mix. Companies often...

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In England, serfdom had practically disappeared in the last part of the 14th century. The staggering majority of the population [1] consisted then, and to a still larger extent, in the 15th century, of free country bumpkin proprietors, whatever was the feudal title under which their in fairness of property was hidden. In the larger seignorial domains, the old bailiff, himself a serf, was displaced by the freed farmer.

The wage labourers of agriculture consisted partly of peasants, who utilised their leisure then by working on the extravagant estates, partly of an unaffiliated special class of wage labourers, relatively and absolutely few in numbers. The latter also were practically at the same sometime peasant farmers, since, besides their wages, they had allotted to them arable land to the extent of 4 or more acres, together with their cottages. The might of the feudal lord, like that of the sovereign, depended not on the length of his rent expire, but on the number of his subjects, and the latter depended on the number of peasant proprietors.

The prelude of the revolution that laid the foundation of the capitalist rage of production, was played in the last third of the 15th, and the first decade of the 16th century.

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Greater Quantity Than Ready 27

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