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I think he's using Luda as an example of the older generation shitting on these new kids. Shit doesn't sound dated at all minus a few songs. Thinking the guy with rainbow hair and 69 tattooed on his face may not have long term relevance.

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MrSwyni: White/Nothing: The people

DanaWhite: You know you are dating a Scottish Woman

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Gagongflip389: In Chinese culture, outside the house, the man is law. Inside the house, the woman is GOD. *KEEP THIS IN MIND! She will most likely become incredibly arrogant, self-entitled, and commanding in the house. *Outside the house, you rule. Inside the house, you are her bitch.*

Modernbyron: My mother at a young age, 10ish i believe, told me to never letvthe girls walk on the outside of the road. Ever since then i dont let that happen.

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Ludacris Gives Bandit A Head Before Anal Fucked

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  1. Girl, don't even ACT like you don't know what you're doin with those shoulders. Those tight, skimpy little sleeves. MMm. Shoulder blades or STFU.

  2. Here's my question: if feminists want men AND women to be equal, why is it called FEMinism? Shouldn't it be called equalism, or genderism?

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