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Brian Ross: You guys should have put more Asian, Indian, Arab guys you racist assholes.

Tanmoy Barick: This is very true. straight to the point

Paola23yr: Should be called what it's like to date an Ontario/Toronto douchebag BC, Prairies, and Atlantic we're alot nicer.

Busytoad: I would marry today

R Lopez: Woman are not objects in a store that you can just say this one is prettier she is ugly wow look at that butt and all. we have personalities a life qnd we don't need mans comments to know that we are worthy this video discussed me

John Van Hof: U know when u date an israeli woman? When police is at your dor.

Jason Poodoo: Oi wagwan gon go geet sum cheeki nandos wiff the mandem?

James Humbert: Make a dating a polish girl (poland)

Kl3m Michard: In the end, the lady spoke Russian .

Lian Buchbut: The bread thing is 10 precent true

Danny McCool: Fifth. I'm with Elena, way too much.

Sara Koshy: Sarahi Cardenas is soooo cute : xx

Phurba Sherpa: Okay here is an idea that I would like to suggest. How bout having the viewers post how accurate this is to their experiences? not accurate 10 spot on. They should clarify if they are a man or a woman. So it could just be like


In this post we introduce Far Simon, a Swedish male model. Karl is from Stockholm and he is now 36 years old in This guy has a very athletic guy. With such muscled body he is willing to attract underwear,swimwear and nude photo sessions.

For sure we hope the best for him. He works are well knowned worldwide and he is focused in male nudes. In this post we have selected shoots without full frontal nudity even if Dylan Rosser is particularly famous in this category. We know that in most of your comments you ask for more nudity. We already told you that this is not a porn gay blog, but just a blog to celebrate the beauty of the men, the gay side of the men life. Here is a series of amazingly beautiful shoots of Jhonattan Burjack, a gorgeous model from Brazil.

Are my 30s too late to 'play the field'?

Youtube Kent dating!

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Iamdopeasfcuk: Do some Middle Eastern countries. I have noticed that some Arab men become more relaxed and actually flirt with woman when they come to North America, so its important to show that side since not all Arabs are extremely conservative. Hebrew men too, please.

TwoApic Boys: Poor nation are less lucklg to cheat best place Africa? its intersting how the more developed the nation is the more luckly to cheat.

Sarah Smith: This is rubbish.

Dijana K: Would you one with turkish man/woman

Brianna Davis: These videos only confuse all those people that had no clue what girls like to begin with

KLUSTUR: I love being Mexican

Language Nick: I definitely need a Russian man! (Brazilian girl tired of non-romantic Brazilian guys!)

Erin Soriano: The chemistry was palpable! My fave one yet.

Lilona WRiTeS: Ok, Alana was incredibly sexy. Please read the whole book!

Burhan Hodzic: Name of the song that starts at 45?

Oh She Is: I give them all 10/10

Srta.TacoMal: Like north korea and its citizens

The object of his desires? Thought one of the pledges would look better with a dick in his mouth. When Officer Diesel White shows up on scene His name is BigBank Chinnakorn. You will enjoy new shoots of handsome and muscled guys all from Asia. Military Classified TJ and Dixon I've brought these two together to see just how two in experienced straight boys react to a gay scenario.

Andrew Biernat is a pretty successful male model who has been teasing us for years with his semi-naked images posing for many famous photographers.

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