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That list is always in my head, and although the lineup sometimes changes Anatoly Goncharov is always on it. We did have one post of pics...

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This post is about a series of pictures of men lying down in very sexy pause. You can recognize some of them as well known models and some less popular, but all are very attractive guys. A world of powerful men full of energy and ready to love… Just enjoy this set of sexy pictures which detailed the power of male bodies. Sergey Boytcov is a Russian fitness model. This charming guy has worked out enough to have an amazing chiseled body. He is a typical blond Russian, and we are sure you will have rapidly a crush on him!

Most of the pictures are shot by the photographer David Vance. These pics are from the famous fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco. Bisexuality is pictured in a sweet and tender way. Pavel Baranov is a Russian Fashion model.

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Clearly, photographer Sasha Kosmos feels the same way, getting together some of nations hottest fitness models for a group shoot that leaves us all wanting a lot more.

This post is about a series of pictures of men lying down in very sexy pause. He was added to my list of guys to keep tabs on this week and when I went looking for a post for you guys today I started with him and Before I head out on the road I have this handsome You can recognize some of them as well known models and some less popular, but all are very attractive guys.

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I was just looking around out there this morning when I found these photos of the gorgeous stud by photographer Vitaly Dorokhov and of course I had to Follow us on Twitter My Tweets. Okay, I admit it, I have a special love for Russian muscle men like these guys. Clearly, photographer Sasha Kosmos feels the same way, getting together some of nations hottest fitness models for a group shoot that leaves us all wanting a lot more.

Young male model Click on the image for original size This series is about new comers for most of them in the fashion industry.

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