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Sasuke watched as Madara approached him but he tried to keep calm even though he was starting to get nervous.

Madara kneeled behind Sasuke and freed his hands, Sasuke on instinct tried to punch Madara, but the old bastard caught his wrists and with one movement broke them with a loud snapping sound. Madara just chuckled and grabbed Sasuke by the black choker collar around his neck and lifted him up off the ground and slammed him against the wall raising him higher so that Sasuke was above him because he was holding him up against the wall in a high position.

Sasuke struggled the best he could making the bell on the collar make soft ringing noises as it moved when he turned his head to resist Madara's kisses. Madara chuckled and leaned forward and put his mouth to Sasuke's stomach. Itachi leaned to the side a little bit to try and see what the fucker was going to do and thats when he saw it. I'm going to kill him!

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New People To Meet 5. He then walked over to Sasuke with a sick grin on his face and dragged the thirteen year old boy to the table and laid him ontop of it but grabbed his legs and put one part of the shackles on the chain around Sasuke's thigh and the other just below his knees holding Ssuke's ass up in the air as Sasuke struggled.

Well, today it's a little better. A Tragic Death and Denial This made him stop crying for a second everything was silent in the room then all the sudden Sasuke screamed as loud as he could as the pain hit him. Tears of Sorrow Nerve injury can take a very long time to heal if at all. Hillsboro dating

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There was a silver ring right halfway inside and outside of Sasuke's navel. Madara just chuckled and grabbed Sasuke by the black choker collar around his neck and lifted him up off the ground and slammed him against the wall raising him higher so that Sasuke was above him because he was holding him up against the wall in a high position. All you have to do is win this little game and you can go home Itachi just wanted to rip Madara's fucking head off and then tear his body to pieces.

Madara sat on Sasuke's legs and leaned forward to the boy's chest and started to run his hands up and down Sasuke's body then brought his face down to Sasuke's left nipple, he brought the small nub into his mouth and started biting and sucking on it gently, he started to pull the skirt off and smirked as he saw the boy trying to resist his touches.

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